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Public Liability

What is Public Liability Insurance?

If you’re a sole trader or small business owner you have a responsibility to your customers, clients, suppliers, employees, and the general public if they suffer an injury, or their property is damaged as a result of your business activities.
Public Liability insurance is designed to protect you, your business, and your employees against compensation awarded for negligence for personal injury or property damage, as well the legal costs of a defending a claim. The likelihood of a claim being made against you is unpredictable and just one incident, whether you’re found liable not, could be crippling to your business, as well as negatively impacting your reputation.
You need Public Liability insurance if your customers visit you or you go out and about to see them, either at their premises, in public spaces, or places owned or controlled by others. You also need it if you manufacture or sell products.
Subcontractors who operate their own business should also take out their own public liability insurance, as unless there is a specific provision in a builder's insurance policy, you are not covered. On any building site, there can be a multitude of businesses in operation at any given time. Each business, including you as a subcontractor, should carry their own public liability insurance to cover claims against them, which may arise from the performance of their works.

What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover?

Public Liability insurance can cover everything from minor incidents right through to catastrophic accidents.



What is Tools Cover Insurance?: It’s a coverage that protects your portable tools and equipment from loss or damage while in use , in transit or theft from locked vehicle / building site. Your tools, equipment and machinery are critical in performing your job on a daily basis. Tradie Insure can offer you optional cover for the value you would like to protect your tools, electrical equipment and machinery.
There are 3 types of Tools Cover and 3 Levels of Cover, they are
3 Types of Cover
  1. Cover anywhere in Australia
  2. Lost, destroyed or damaged tools while contained in your vehicle.
  3. Loss or damage to tools contained in any full enclosed building including your home, locked shed or garage, work or building site
3 Levels of Cover
  1. Fire, malicious and accidental damage.
  2. Forcible entry and theft when the building and worksite is unattended.
  3. Theft onsite during work hours provided reasonable precautions to prevent theft have been taken.
Did you know???? Covers starts from $4 a week., that means for less than a single beer a week we can cover your tools of trade from theft. “Geoff” was rushed off site during an evacuation and when he returned some of his tools had been stolen. He was unable to work and feared he would lose his contract with a major building company. When he called us to add Tools Cover to his policy he was stoked when we let him know he already had it. Tradie Insure then lodged the claim for him, CRISIS averted, now that’s EPIC service! Can you afford not to have Tools Cover?


Personal Accident

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

It’s 24/7 cover for accidents that cause injury leaving you unable to work for more than a couple of weeks. (Workers Compensation usually doesn’t cover you over the weekend or after hours which is when over 72% of injuries tend to occur in Australia) Imagine jumped out of the ute one morning and landed awkwardly on your ankle and tore the ligament well and truly. Or alternatively imagine if you hurt the same ankle being thrown from your Jetski? Imagine if this left you in a moon boot or crutches for 4 weeks and unable to work for 6 months whilst it healed? How would you survive? This cover takes care of you during this period, whether the injury was caused at work or while on your jetski on the weekend.
Could your business survive without a $1000 week income supplement? Marc couldn’t, luckily, he had a yearly Personal Accident Policy that costs him $1,400. Marc injured himself on 5th January and wasn’t cleared from the doctor to work till 18th June (6 MONTHS LATER). His Personal Accident policy had a 14 day excess period and then every fortnight Marc received $2,000 deposited into his bank account. Marc was lucky enough to receive well over $20,000 to supplement his income and cover the costs of rent/bills/ finance /debts and insurance.
Without this cover Marc would have had to hand back his Ute and Jetski that were under finance, move back in with the parents and still have to declare bankruptcy due to other debts he had. BE LIKE MARC, protect yourself, your business and your income.
NOTE: If you have a HOME LOAN, we would recommend talking to us first, as a full Income Protection policy may be the better option for you. Call us now to discuss your situation on 0403 TRADIE (0403 872 343) or email epic@tradie.insure



We get it, your car is your most important tool of trade and when accidents happen you need a team that will help you get it sorted, and back on the road…Fast! At Tradie Insure we have an insurance option for all your work and home needs. Form:
Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover for accidents, natural disasters, theft, fire, accidental damage to other’s property, plus any other requirements you may have like car replacement cover or Windscreen cover, etc.
Performance Car Insurance Protection for your performance car can often be a challenge via the big insurers. At Tradie Insure we found we are awesome at finding the right protection for your performance car. We love and support your passion for cars and make the process fast and epic.
Third Party Fire & Theft Cover for fire, theft and earthquake as well as any damage caused to someone else’s property.
Enthusiasts Car Insurance We know the love you put into your special car. Which is why we put as much love into finding the right insurance for your car and situation, we have many unique options just as special as your car.
Third Party Property Only Cover you for damage you cause to someone else’s property.


Toys (Boats, Bikes etc)

You name it, Boats, Bikes, Caravans, Jetski’s, no matter its vintage we can help find the right cover for your most treasured toys.


Home and Landlord

Home and Contents Insurance Protection your home and belongings for the unmentionable effects of accidents, natural disasters, theft, fire and much more is a sigh of relief when something goes wrong. Protect your family and possessions with a policy designed around your needs. None of this one box fits all at Tradie Insure. Peace of mind is worth its weight in gold!
Home Insurance Cover your home for accidents, natural disasters, theft, fire and more with a policy from our extensive range of insurers. Mix and Match to get the right policy for you.
Contents Insurance Cover for belongings and special memories from accidents, natural disasters, theft, fire and more with a policy from our extensive range of insurers. Mix and Match to get the right policy for you.
Contents Insurance for Renters Even when your renting you need to think about protecting your belongings and special memories from accidents, natural disasters, theft, fire and more with a policy from our extensive range of insurers. It may not be you house, but it is your home, protect everything inside.